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Difference Between CEF & PTA

John Baldwin’s PTA and CEF share a common goal—ensuring excellence in our children’s education. The organizations work closely with each other throughout the year to achieve that goal. Although they differ in their structure and focus, our community needs both organizations to ensure the continued quality of education we are accustomed to at John Baldwin. Both organizations are critical funding sources for our school to supplement state-funded public education.




Primary goal is to promote school spirit and continue to build a strong sense of community at John Baldwin.

Primary goal is raise funds to meet the financial demands of a superior education at John Baldwin by paying for essential staff, programs and tools necessary to achieve an enriched and innovative learning experience.

Raises funds to maintain site-specific needs, such as classroom enrichment materials and supplies, art and music supplies, library purchases, school equipment, facilities improvements and enrichment programs such as assemblies, parent education and community-building events.

Raises funds to pay for vital staff salaries and increasing technology needs.

Offers over 50 enrichment programs, community-building events and activities, and small fundraisers to support John Baldwin.

Offers three large fundraising events a year to meet our financial goal of raising $310,000+ to maintain academic excellence at John Baldwin.


Cougar Ed Fund

Cougar Ed Locker